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Season 7

Episode 1: Super Men 1.4 

The Epic Finale and all time best selling showdown of good vs. evil!

Episode 4: Six Pack Bash 2

The Boss works his magic as the alpha hand meets inferior muscle again and again. When the runt begins to trash talk, the Master is quick to shut him up

Episode 2: Glove Fetish Beatdown 3

Braden, invigorated by the feel of his new gloves, punishes and pulverizes the body of his far frailer prey.

Episode 5: ZZZ 1

The most erotic ZZZ match ever, with twink James jerking his cock with Cruise's arms wrapped tight around his neck.

Episode 3: Meaty Muscle Massacre 4

Damien Rush is hungry and full of power; he wants the type of match that makes his blood boil

Episode 6: Tag Team Torment 2

Hunter James, a well known beta-bitch, on campus takes humor in testing the alpha studs patience as he applies.

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