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Season 17

Episode 1: Backbuster 5

Adorable jobber twink Tony Law eagerly rushes the ring and demands to know why his opponent Braden Charron is “so tiny.” and calls him “a chump", Big mistake.

Episode 4: Meaty Muscle Massacre 7

The Mountain is eager to bring the massive Specimen down a few pegs and unleashes his massive fury in the ring,

Episode 2: Fantasy Heels 8

Mighty Mutant is challenged by privileged daddy’s boy Damien Rush to a series of strength contests.

Episode 5: Super Men 4.3

After being infected and converted by Parasyte, Symbiote has begun a rampage through the streets.

Episode 3: Oil Hunks 5

Total Muscle God Studs Brad Barnes and Cal Bennett square off in nothing but towels! Their muscles are rippling and bulging as they exchange barbs of muscle and power talk

Episode 6: ZZZ 6

Muscle Master Kevin decides it's time to knock Matt Thrasher down a few pegs.

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