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Season 14

Episode 1: Big Bear Hugs 4 

Bryce's back is decimated by a brutal Brad Barnes.

Episode 4: Six Pack Bash 7

Stefan Ramos is making his MDW debut courtesy of an invitation for a private wrestling match with Steel Muscle God.

Episode 2: Daddy's Home 2

Chace LaChance requests admission to the wrestling club.

Episode 5: Fantasy Heels 5

Contest ready Braden Charron and tatted rookie hunk Cal Bennett are sharing the weight room (also the mat wrestling room) at MDW headquarters

Episode 3: Gladiators 2

A wealthy upstart lanista (Damien Rush) is in the market for a new gladiator slave.

Episode 6: ZZZ 4

The greatest fear of every bodybuilder is that they will be broken down and made to be as frail and weak. That is Mutant's destiny when he faces Muscle Master Kevin

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