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Season 24

Episode 1: Hazed and Humiliated 13

The wicked Mountain is all too pleased to flaunt his weight and power on tiny rag doll Charlie Evans,

Episode 2: Oil Hunks 10

Two massive egos collide backstage at a bodybuilding competition resulting in a competition of strength to see who will be #1 and who will oil their huge shredded muscles up

Episode 3: Super Men 6.3

Our Hero has tracked down the evil dweeb Dr. Nefaro and is ready to punish him. Little does he know he is about to be filmed, tortured, and unmasked in a diabolical scheme to broadcast his defeat to the world.

Episode 4: ZZZ 11

The biggest muscle god yet has arrived to MDW- And he is just a little too impressive and jacked for Kevin to let his muscles go unpunished.

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