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Season 11 Episode 2: Oil Hunks 3




Sometimes, one muscle jock can barely squeeze his ego into a room with him; add another jock bodybuilder to the equation and there is bound to be fireworks. Hairy He-Men star, Chace LaChance has been very vocal leading up to his match with the massive Mutant. Chace called out Mutant while trying on a variety of gear to wear to the ring, to look his best in victory over his muscle stud opposition. Mutant responded, accepting Chace's challenge and is now flexing in front of the mirror in the weight room, awaiting the arrival of the hairy muscle stud. Marching in, LaChance storms the mirror; the flex off ensues. Mutant has a definitive size advantage, he is absolutely massive, but Chace is ripped to shreds, with perfect proportions and a coat of studly, masculine hair to go with it all. Chace conceeds that Mutant might indeed be larger, but contends that fast food accounts for all the extra weight Mutant has over him. LaChance demands a strength contest to see who is more man. Mutant, now developing a nice muscle pump, happily obliges Chace and bests him in a chinups contest. LaChance speeds into the next contest, thinking he will find a way to edge out the mighty Mutant. . Building some momentum, Chace produces an arm wrestling platform and challenges the muscle freak. After the contest, Mutant and Chace agree to settle the real winner of the challenge in the ring.

Mutant and Chace switch up the gear, take to the ring and start a full-fledged flex off. Chace uses the time, to lead the posing and the shit talk. LaChance is totally self-absorbed, moving from muscle to muscle. Mutant's glance continues to pan up and down the rugged body of Chace, taking an extra-long stare at his dick through Chace's see-through string thong, then sizing up his own swelling package. "You may be heavier than me but I'm still stronger" Chace asserts, "I'm really curious about how this wrestling match is gonna go down," he taunts mockingly, feeling supremely confident and assured of Mutant's defeat.


"We already know how it's gonna go down" Mutant retorts, in an alpha male vibrato. With both hunks' heads building up sufficient steam, they take off to change once again, this time into their wrestling gear. Appropriately, the titans start the match with a strength test, which sees Mutant overpowering Chace with sheer size and strength. Chace struggles to make it back to his feet under the weight of Mutant. The latter, pins Chace down and flexes atop his squirming body.

Mutant, against better judgment allows Lachance back to his feet, where Chace shows he can still flex even after a beating.  Chace grabs the reigns and begins to pummel Mutant, evening the score once again. Neither of these hot-headed muscle hunks want lose the intense contest as the action swings back and forth, with Chace using dirty tactics and tenacity to grab the upper hand, while Mutant uses his supernatural strength to submit Chace. One thing is certain, in the end, one of these muscle hunks will be forced to oil down the other in the ultimate show of submission and defeat.

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