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Season 4

Episode 1: Glove Fetish Beatdown 1

Newcomer Tidus issues a challenge to Muscle Master Kevin, oblivious that he is The Boss

Episode 2: Tag Team Torment 1

Mastodon and the Muscle Master Kevin storm the ring, turning grunts of strain into screams of pain for Tony Law and Tidus

Episode 3: Hairy He Men 2

A jacked up, hunky, Damien Rush in a moment of studly aggression calls out a challenge for MDW’s biggest, baddest, meanest wrestler Brutus Krug

Episode 4: Hazed and Humiliated 3

Dwayne Dwights hopes of finally fitting in are dashed by Muscle Master Kevin,

Episode 5: Street Fights 3

Bryce has gotten good at beating guys down. The better he gets, the more he enjoys it.

Episode 6: Power Move Punishment 2

He-Man Damien Rush continues his tear through the MDW roste

Episode 7: Super Men Beta

The original run of the concept that evolved into the fan favorite Super Men series!

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