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     Season 30 Episode 3: Bodybuilder Humiliation 10


In a series that has been hailed as the underground all-star, the tenth installment of Bodybuilder Humiliation is a special event. The bodybuilder to feature was an easy choice. A heap of praise presaged his debut from the moment Zack Altovito’s pictures were leaked, sampling his luscious hairy muscle that bulges with mouth-watering fullness. The natural choice for Zack’s opponent would seem, the bodybuilder predator, The Mountain, that until now carried the humiliation series single-handedly, with depthless hatred for all bodybuilders. While the Mountain still harbors every last drop of the gushing geyser of steaming rage against all bodybuilder kind, a backroom auction, revealed a high-bidder with bodybuilder beef, willing to pay a hefty sum for Zack’s head. Thus, hairy he-man heel, Guido Genatto, assumes the mantle of humiliation dispenser, for he has been scouting eminent good guy Zack from afar and despises Altovito’s knightly valor. 


In order to avoid any hard feelings for usurping the Mountain’s spot, Guido has promised to execute a few choice submissions for Mountain’s spectating benefit. Although the negotiations nearly went sour when Mountain requested that Guido leave some of Zack for him destroy, after some deft intervention from The Boss, Mountain was satisfied with the terms that Zack be completely annihilated, while Mountain watches from a front-row, double sized seat. With the formalities settled, Guido licks his lips and starts down his hunter’s path towards an oblivious Zack.


Mid-ring Altovito admires what is damn near perfection, scanning his masculine physique with approving eyes, unable to avoid hitting a few flexes as he does so. “Now this is a guy I could get behind!” Guido facetiously commends. Zack, in his naivety, thanks his adversary, not realizing the danger he is in. The hairy heel invites the equally fur covered good guy to show him all of the poses, feigning a genuine desire to be educated in bodybuilding. Guido leans comfortably, with obvious familiarity, against the corner post, watching Zack display balloon like biceps and thick, wing like lats, amongst other fabulous muscular features. Genatto’s smile struggles to obscure his hateful visage, barely able to contain himself in the presence of such a dumb, cocky bodybuilder. Soon, the fake smile curls downward into an ominous scowl, as tension shoots through the air. Zack still fails to recognize the threat to his beautiful body, even as Guido’s voice roughens in consequence of his quickening pulse, as he asks Altovito for a front-double bicep shot. Zack, in his abounding good nature complies with the request, asking curiously, “Is that your favorite pose.” Guido replies in the affirmative, making one final request, that Zack flare out his quads for full effect.


No sooner does Zack spread his legs, then does a painstakingly patient Guido deliver a gigantic uppercut to Zack’s exposed loins. The hard low-blow ranks among the hardest nut shots ever delivered in a wrestling ring and renders Zack completely nullified, hands on crotch in assessment of the damage. While Zack searches for breath, Guido fills his lungs with the air of satisfaction and ripe anticipation. Guido has brooded over this moment and even paid a pretty penny to be in this exact position. The pretty boy loathing, hateful heel, makes one final declaration before sinking his teeth into the fresh muscle meat. “I think you’re in a lot of trouble.” And indeed, Zack is, for the beating is just getting started...

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