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Season 12 Episode 5: Bodybuilder Humiliation 3




Four-hundred pounds is back and he is one angry Mountain. How many bodybuilders does Mountain need to humiliate before they tuck away their arrogance and recede into humility. It does not matter; Mountain will destroy as many pretty boy bodybuilders as it takes until they get the message, that they were never real alpha males.


Mass monster Mutant is new to the stable of MDW bodybuilders. He has heard whispers of the Mountain, but is too engaged in his own reflection for those whispers to take hold. Mutant is not even a contest removed from his debut and already he draws the name of the mammoth beast, Mountain as his opponent. He has no idea what he is in for and only gets his first real look at his behemoth of an opponent once they are in the ring, Mountain already talking down to the ripped Adonis. “Another fucking bodybuilder in my ring,” Mountain is half incredulous, half delighted at the prospect of tearing apart another bodybuilder pussy, especially one in all American modeling trunks. “You think you’re stronger than me,” Mountain growls. Naïve hunk Mutant responds earnestly, “yeah, I think so.” Maybe Mutant does stand a better chance than the others that Mountain has steamrolled through. To call Mutant a muscle freak would hardly be a stretch as he is both hugely muscle bound and totally shredded. Mountain taunts Mutant, telling him to hit more poses and Mutant displays a burgeoning well of confidence hitting a front double bicep and adding, “Don’t mind if I do.” This confidence and amazingly muscular package lends itself to the idea that Mutant may actually pull of the upset. Then again, one look at the Mountain brings to life the probability that Mutant will simply be the fifth victim on the Mountain’s path of destruction, another name to go along with; Hunter, Braden, Brad, and Carter, the third bodybuilder to be put down by a real, superior man.


Mountain and Mutant lock up, hard and heavy. Mutant is actually showing some signs of serious strength as he is able to get the slight edge in the early going. Mountain thwarts any potential momentum the stud could gather, via a clubbing forearm to the back of the neck. Mountain takes a moment to chuckle at his handiwork but Mutant is quickly on him, forcing him back into a corner! This is the first instance of anyone overpowering the big behemoth. “Fucking tough guy huh, bodybuilding tough guy,” Mountain mutters under his breath trying to withhold the simmering rage building up inside. He invites the eager and earnest Mutant into another lockup, but swings his giant sized boot into Mutant’s midsection, gaining the upper hand. He stomps the handsome hunk into a corner and crushes Mutant’s throat underneath his boot.

Mountain whips the bodybuilder into the corner and begins a tirade of bodybuilderphobic slurs. “Not tough shit now are you,” Mountain taunts, “go ahead hit me see what happens.” When Mutant obliges Mountain, The four-hundred pounder makes him pay for his free shot with a straight right to the face of the handsome stud. Mountain grounds the bodybuilder model and coils his thick arm around Mutant’s throat. “Come on you bodybuilding piece of shit. You think you’re so tough now with your stupid haircut?”


“I like my haircut,” Mutant retorts.

“And your stupid shorts,” Mountain continues.

“I like my shorts,” Mutant whispers.


“Give me these fricken shorts,” Mountain commands, as he reaches down and strips the bodybuilder to a red thong. Mountain Crushes Mutant with a thunderous Clothesline, and howls “Oh yeah, that’s the Mountain,” Flexing in a taunt of his bodybuilder prey. With the stage set, Bodybuilder stripped and Mountain in firm control, the bodybuilder beat down really gets started; from start to finish Mountain is sure to emasculate his bodybuilder prey physically and mentally, proving that no one can strip bodybuilders of their dignity, submit and humiliate them like the Mountain..

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