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Season 11 Episode 3: Hazed and Humiliated 7




The largest wrestler on the Muscle Domination Wrestling roster, The Mountain, is causing a tidal wave of fear to wash over the entire locker room. His decimation and utter humiliation of two cocky bodybuilders Brad Barnes and Braden Charron, have left a lasting impression on all who bore witness. The message is loud and clear, stay out of The Mountain's way or he will squash you. That rings especially true for arrogant jock types, who are used to getting what they want and all the respect in the world, in spite of their temeritous attitudes. One such jock, is the tall and ripped, hardcore marine corps hotty, Carter Alexander. Entirely self-absorbed, he seemingly has no idea who The Mountain is and even less so, the damage he can inflict. Carter flexes proudly in The Mountain's direction, tempting the big brute. Mountain feigns a congratulatory handshake for the awesome physique of Carter Alexander, but anyone who knows about The Mountain's agenda, knows that the big man hates bodybuilders and despises any sort of cocky jock.

Carter is suckered in to Mountain's big boot and then beaten with clubbing blows to the back of the head and neck. Still relatively fresh Carter attempts to work his way back to the feet to regain his composure, but The Mountain is all over him sending his whole weight crashing down on the back of Alexander. Mountain crushes him into the mat a few more times before finding his rhythm with leg stomps and kicks, letting the jock know how hard he is going to have to work to avoid punishment. Mountain allows Carter to stand up and throw full power shots into his chest; Alexander loads up on three huge clotheslines and just manages to budge The Mountain. Of course, this incenses the big man, who throws Carter into a corner and starts working him over with massive knife edge chops, each strike sounding like a car wreck. Alexander can hardly work his way out of the corner as it is impossible to bypass The Mountain's size. He only manages to escape out, by collapsing to the mat in pain, clutching his massacred chest. Carter's screams intensify, as Mountain demands he get to his feet, and applies a torturous, trunks way up the ass wedgie to incentivize the jock. Alexander is only on his feet for a moment though, supported almost entirely by his trunks in the huge grasp of The Mountain, who sends the cocky Carter's head off the second turnbuckle and stomps his exposed ass until he is sprawled out on the canvas.


Mountain further humiliates Alexander by pinning him to ground underneath all of his weight and headbutting him like a brutish war animal, while Carter cries out "I can't even move!" A vertical suplex by the wedgie sends a shockwave down the spine of Alexander, who is left stunned on the mat. Mountain, again helps him find his feet by yanking the already deep anal gaping wedgie up further into the ass of Carter Alexander.

Mountain continues to beat down on his long lean opponent executing a T-bone suplex and taunting Carter, "Tell me how it feels, you can't handle the power?!" before shooting a Super Kick into the chiseled jaw of Alexander. As the behemoth settles in on the ground, wrenching the shoulder of Carter in a cross arm breaker submission, Alexander begins to beg and plead and concedes that The Mountain is a power load. "I know" says Mountain as he breaks the hold and stalks Alexander around the ring. Gaining even more viciousness as the match tears on, Mountain sets Carter up the corner, where he becomes the 400 pounder's punching bag, until he sinks to the bottom rope, where Mountain takes the opportunity to crush the wind pipe of Alexander with his size 16 boot. "You're like an appetizer for me" laughs Mountain, yanking Carter up to his feet again by the wedgie and then powerslamming him back down.

Carter is cocky like the other bodybuilder types that Mountain has faced, but is made to bear an even bigger, more humiliating beat down than his counterparts. Mountain seems pleased to have hit his stride and is one of the few Muscle Domination Wrestling new-comers to make such an impact in so short a time. Mountain switches back and forth between enjoyment and rage fueled punishment, power moves and submission holds, physical and verbal degradation. Far short of the end of the match Carter is already confessing his own ineptitude in the ring, and inferiority as a man. Mountain psychologically and physically breaks down the once over confident Alexander. "What's wrong with your underwear?"

"It's up my ass."

"Why's it up your ass? You don't know? huh?"

Mountain does not wait for the response from Carter; he knows he has him where he wants him, he just wants to drive the point home for his own satisfaction. He pulls Alexander's trunks so violently far up his ass that they become a pink thong on the lean stud. He spanks Carter hard, letting the muscled punk know who his daddy is. Alexander is defeated and demoralized, but clings to consciousness for an impressively long time considering, drawing the beating out further and allowing The Mountain to prolong his sweet suffering and send another strong message to every wrestler at MDW, with another Dominant performance.

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