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Season 23 Episode 1: Bodybuilder Humiliation 9



The terrifying Mountain has faced them all. Jocks, twinks, bodybuilders, and every other archetype of athlete on the rich spectrum of pro wrestlers is familiar with the menacing Mountain, whose reputation is only outsized by the contrast of its proprietor. The monster heel has not only diminished the quality and longevity of careers, but also psychologically traumatized an entire generation of squared circle enthusiasts, whilst drenching his thirsty legion of adoring worshippers with a maelstrom of carnage, the likes of which can only be compared to the proverbial, biblical flood that stamped out existence. Mountain cares for one thing above all others, the preservation, proliferation and propagation of the knowledge that bodybuilders are all as soft internally as the squishiest portion of Mountain’s gelatinous exterior. Nothing incites the Mountain’s volatile temperament like a cocky bodybuilding piece of shit.


Compounding the big man’s inconsolable rage is a bodybuilder that goes out of his way to strut around in skimpy gear, having the temerity to presume he can win any match just because he has big muscles. Perhaps though, there is one type of bodybuilder who would stand a chance against the indomitable lard, a championship level competitor that has attained the distinction of being titled a Professional. Mountain has outright squashed the most enormous bodybuilders that Boss Kevin could commission. Never though has the sumo shaped bully shared the ring, nor the mats, with a champion such as pro bodybuilder hot rod, Kevin James. James is not just any jacked up gym rat; the man is a fucking winner and a bona-fide muscle god.


James is either executing a master plan to frustrate Mountain, or he is simply fearless and completely confident in his strength. Whichever one be the cause, the action is giving Mountain a front row seat to the gun’s show and the effect is a thunderous cheap shot from the incensed fatass, stuck squarely in the bodybuilder’s chiseled gut. Time and again, the visceral mass of Mountain’s midsection is proven to be superior body armor to that of 8 pack abdominals, which is why the monster exhibits a penchant for starting his attack in that area.


A stunned, doubled-over James grips his abs, feeling a pain that no workout could ever produce. Kevin James is inarguably the zenith of bodybuilding, which makes him the premier beef for the indulgencies of a man that is determined to have his cake and eat it too… every last bit of it. The most contrasting feature of fat and muscle yet, graces the universally hailed Bodybuilder Humiliation category! Sweat greased, glistening musculature is put on full display, peppered and spiced by expert submissions, passionate shit-talking and gloriously gross perversity that only a barefooted, smelly and irate Mountain can deliver.

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