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Season 13 Episode 3: Oil Hunks 4




A big veiny bicep is getting a swelling pump as a ripped to shreds Mutant curls a dumbbell up and down. Another big boy, Specimen is in the room watching the ripped hunk Mutant get his workout on. “You want to get it on this? Mutant asks the Specimen. The 265 pound bodybuilder jests that he does not know how to curl and asks Mutant to show him how it is done. Of course without need of instruction Specimen grabs the dumbbell and show Mutant that he can match any bicep pump.


“What’s next?” ask Specimen. The blond muscle stud eyes the lat pull down machine and proceeds to pound out a set. Specimen follows, matching Mutant rep for rep. The two studs engage in a pushup contest both looking super pumped and freaky as they fill their muscles up. Mutant is practically tearing out of his skin when the two get to chin-ups. The competitive side of Specimen begins to show in this contest, as he checks to make sure that he does more reps than Mutant. “You gonna do one more than me?” Mutant asks with dissatisfaction, knowing that he could pound out chin-ups all day if he wanted to. He pulls up a chair a challenges Specimen to man vs man strength challenge in the form of arm-wrestling. The pair of jacked up muscle men have an intense best of three contest but neither are satisfied with the results so they decide to settle things in the ring.


Specimen spreads out a massive front double biceps pose; he looks proud and cocky. Mutant pokes fun at the big man laughing “Where was all this out there? Saving it like a turtle saving some energy.” Clearly Mutant thinks he has Specimen beat and offers up a mercy test of strength. Specimen uses his weight and size to get the better of Mutant but not before working up a glistening sheen of sweat all over his big muscular body. Mutant is too resilient to give up however and after a long struggle he manages to secure a clean break from the bigger man.


The two leviathans share a mutual laugh of respect for one another’s awesome power, but in seconds the laughter evaporates as Specimen closes in to start the real battle. Specimen locks in a reverse Bear hug and actually carries the 220 pounds of Mutant across the ring. He even seems to curl the slightly leaner bodybuilder as he grips tightly to suck the air out of Mutant lungs. Specimen eventually relinquishes the hold but before he can gloat Mutant swings around and wraps up the big man in a reverse Bear hug of his own, also hoisting the 265 pounder high in the air and carrying him around the ring. Neither man wants to be outdone by the other, resulting in immense displays of superhuman strength, hence the names Mutant and Specimen; they are both true freaks.

Specimen has a gigantic ego, however, and has to be the best. He thrusts Mutants arms off of him and once again, wraps the blond bodybuilder in a Bear hug, lifting him way off the ground and squeezing with tremendous might. This time he does not let go until Mutant gives. In a show of total dominance he strips Mutant naked, lifts him in a fireman’s carry and squats his naked body.


Mutant takes exception to being stripped out of his gear and retaliates with fierce shots to the thick body of Specimen. Once he has him the huge bodybuilder down, Mutant strips Specimen out of his gear, leaving both muscle gods naked. Mutant hits a huge German Suplex and then flexes his naked Adonis body over a grounded Specimen.


The muscle men have an impromptu nude flex off battle, so absorbed in their own naked bodies to focus on one another for a few moments. “You still got some strength left?” Mutant poses as the two head down to mat for a more definitive arm wrestling battle now that they are in the heat of competition. As the action approaches its climax, one of these naked muscle hunks is put in a sleeper-hold again and again, and of course, the loser of this epic strength clash is made to oil down every naked inch of the contest’s victor.

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