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Season 13 Episode 6: Bodybuilder Humiliation 4 




Tangible tension permeates the ring as a fully nude Braden Charron struts his stuff flexing every inch of his oiled body while the bodybuilder crusher The Mountain, watches, hurling insults, fuming, riling himself up. “You’re a naked piece of shit.” The Mountain howls. Braden continues to flex though and with a smile on his face retorts “Can’t be covering up this physique.”


Mountain snaps. While Braden hits a front double bicep pose, Mountain assaults him from behind, squeezing Charron’s head with all his massive might. Braden does not even attempt to rip the hands off his head; instead he continues to flex, putting his pride and physique on display in spite of the pressure being applied to his cranium. He holds the pose while sinking to a knee, but eventually gives in to the extreme pressure produced by the largest man to ever step foot in the ring. Mountain feeds shots to Braden’s head while calling him a piece of shit and bouncing his skull off the turnbuckle.


“Beg tough guy, you gym rat fuck! Huh, you piece of shit!!” The Mountain yells at Braden as he drives a knee deep into the bodybuilder’s back, cranking Charron’s spine upwards until his dick is facing the ceiling. Backing off, Mountain permits Braden some space and a free forearm shot to his chest. Braden delivers not only a forearm but also a clothesline that budges The Mountain ever so slightly. Looking to pick up some momentum, the bodybuilder locks up with the mass of a man but quickly finds his naked body smothered in a corner by The Mountain. The big behemoth unleashes savage rights on Braden’s head whilst he has him tied up in a Headlock, then transitions to a front face-lock to wear the nude bodybuilder down. Expertly, The Mountain Gator Rolls Braden across his ring, showing the bodybuilder that just because he spends all day in the gym does not mean he can prevent The Mountain from toying with his bodyweight. Braden thrusts his bare ass into the air in an attempt to break free of the monster’s powerful grasp but finds himself thoroughly entrenched in a front headlock.


Braden the bodybuilder finally works his way up to his feet with multiple elbows to the midsection of The Mountain. His victory is short lived however, as he is clobbered back down to the mat with a huge reverse elbow from Mountain and trampled all over.

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