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Season 21 Episode 1: Hazed and Humiliated 11





Stud Arrogant has been patiently biding his time waiting for the perfect rebound opponent after his thrashing at the hands of muscle brute Mutant. The Boss, who has a certified sadistic streak, placed a call to Mr. Arrogant, letting the cocky punk know he has a guy for him to wrestle. The Boss assures Arrogant that this time it will be someone with no muscle tone whatsoever and guarantees an easy match. Naturally, Stud accepts with a smile on his face, thanking Master Kevin for the opportunity to get back in the win column.


Only one important detail was omitted from the interaction; Stud’s out of shape opponent is none other than the 400 pound wrecking ball Mountain. The super sumo loves nothing more than dominating bodybuilders but recently he has acquired another favorite past time, namely, using his slovenly physique, gross sweaty pits and feet to humiliate little guys.


There is something priceless about the transition in Stud Arrogant’s demeanor from the time he steps foot in the ring to the moment Mountain squeezes his massive frame through the ropes. Stud is quickly sent airborne, literally flying across the ring. The slim Stud takes the fall well but his troubles are just beginning. Mountain exhibits his new method of torture, pinning his tiny victim into a corner and smothering Stud with smelly pits! The overmatched Stud is helpless, flailing wildly underneath the weight and stench of Mountain’s massive and grotesque arms. “How’s that smell?” Mountain mocks. “You need to shower,” Arrogant weakly retorts. Mountain punishes Stud with more pit smothering, not in anger, but rather sadistic enjoyment.


Stud can barely breathe underneath Mountain’s stifling assault. Mountain absolutely demolishes Stud Arrogant with unprecedented ferocity. From swatting Stud out of the air, to throwing him across the ring, all the way to lying atop him, trapping the blue eyed baby boy in a place of total demoralization, Mountain simply dominates. Stud Arrogant may never recover from the feeling of total helplessness impressed upon him by the Mountain, trapped beneath his weight, nor may he ever be able to wash away the terrible odor that will haunt his dreams for the rest of his life.

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