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Season 18 Episode 2: Hazed and Humiliated 9




Stud Arrogant has the jet black smooth slim look of a real tough guy. Juxtaposed to the might Mutant however, the smaller Stud gives up a ton of size and appears a weakling to be played and toyed with and the hand of giant muscle master.


Mutant has no problem slamming, choking, and punishing the cocky young stud, strutting his stuff, showing off his big bulging muscles, exemplifying the attributes of a real fucking man. Lifting and carrying Stud Arrogant across his broad shoulders, Mutant, parades the leaner boy around his ring and shows him who is boss. Mutant even Gorilla presses Stud and snaps him into an over the knee backbreaker! Stud is totally outclassed and outmatched; Mutant is a hunk of manly meat that pushes forward, pulverizing the little guy in his path.


The jacked up bodybuilder bulldozes and bullies the cocky rookie with painful submission holds and powerful throws and slams, all while reigning over the lean stud, flexing his enormous biceps. For Stud Arrogant, the meeting with Mutant is a humbling experience, as he is overpowered and simply toyed with like a child. Mutant is 100% alpha male and dominates the young boy thoroughly from start to finish, showing everyone what those big muscles can do.

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