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Season 15 Episode 5: Fantasy Heels 6 




The Bodybuilder hunter The Mountain has left a trail of broken bodybuilders behind him. One such Bodybuilder hunk, the mighty muscular Mutant wants his rematch, and comes in cocky and strong. Mutant and the Mountain engage in arm wrestling. Mutant seems to have the leg up in pure strength. Mountain manages to take the second round of arm wrestling but Mutant remains confident.


Mountain once again vows to make the bodybuilder submit, “Come on tap pussy, give up!” He hoists the massive Mutant up onto his shoulders, applying pressure to the neck and back of the bodybuilder. Mutant breaks free and unleashes a barrage of forearms, with a sudden burst of muscular power. The hard hunk even lifts the Mountain clean on his feet and delivers a spine buster! Suddenly all the cockiness of Mutant is becoming and overwhelming force and the Mountain’s trash talk is evaporating as he tends to his wounds. An even battle appears to be in store. Perhaps this new attitude of Mutant and sudden ring proficiency will even give him the edge over the undefeated, seemingly insurmountable force that is the Mountain. Will Mutant be the first bodybuilder to conquer to the bodybuilder crusher? Or will the handsome hunk once again fall victim to the overwhelming aggression and in ring dominance of the mighty force, the Mountain!

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