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Craving more MDW? As a member of MDW VIP you receive unprecedented access to an ever expanding collection of exclusive content including:

- Extended video/audio trailers of premium matches!

- Exclusive full length unreleased matches featuring your favorite wrestlers!

- Deleted and extended scenes from our premium matches.

- Much more to come!

Muscle Domination Wrestling VIP

Season 25 Extended Trailers

Check out the extended previews for the 3 seasons, exclusive to out VIP members

Season 24 Extended Trailers

Check out the extended previews for these 4 matches, exclusive to our VIP members!

Loser Kisses Feet Match

Damien Rush and Enrique get in a dispute, and decide the only resolution is a wrestling match. The stakes? The loser puckers up for the better man and kisses their feet.

Season 23 Extended Trailers

Check out the 4 VIP exclusive Season 23 extended trailers!

Morgan Cruise Nude VIP Oil Flex

A shredded Morgan Cruise takes the stage and bares all in this oiled up physique showcase.

Master Kevin ZZZ Spotlight

Enjoy this sleeper match spotlight, focusing on MMK's most punishing holds, working over the cocky "Tank" from every angle. 

Ball Bash 5 Extended Trailer

Tanks looking for a rebound match, one where he'll fight as dirty as needed to win- Grabbing Damien where it hurts.

Bodybuilder Humiliation 8 Extended Trailer

The mountain gets his hands on massive muscle Giant Mark Muscle, and takes out his anger at his perfection.

Fantasy Heels 9 Extended Trailer

Gingery hot stuff, Charlie Evans is set to go head to head with the ravenous animal Biff Farrell, a densely built, blue eyed stud.

Super men 6.1 Extended Trailer

Pro bodybuilder Kevin James is the perfect muscle sculpture to don the mask and call himself super hero! And then be broken!

Mark Muscle VIP Teaser 

Check out this 5 minute feature of Mark Muscle- Watch his perfect muscles worshipped and worked.

Daddy's Home 7 Extended Trailer

Rock hard Morgan Cruise announces impending domination. Cruise has no clue that his opponent will be Matt ‘Daddy’ Thrasher.

ZZZ 10 Extended Trailer

Kevin James is a monstrous mountain of muscle. MMK, however, isn’t the kind of man to let anyone but himself be the #1 man

Hazed and Humiliated 11 Extended Trailer

Stud Arrogant has been patiently biding his time waiting for the perfect rebound opponent after his thrashing.

Super Men 5.3 Extended Trailer

Super Heel has returned. He has decimated the world and sat in his throne to lord over all life.

Super Men 5.4 Extended Trailer

Super Stud is back to save the day, once again dawning the red and blue spandex suit, bursting at the seams with muscle.

Oil Hunks 8 Extended Trailer

Romanian muscle sensation Steel Muscle God has made himself quite at home on American soil, inhabiting the MDW ring like he owns it.


An unduly cocky Bryce Barrigan being put in his place by muscle hunk Braden.


A vindictive Brad Barnes wraps his arms around Braden.

Oil Hunks 7 Extended Trailer

Kevin James has come to MDW to make a name for himself, knowing it is the place for muscle hunks to prove who is the strongest.

Hairy He Men 4 Extended Trailer

The ultimate alpha male Morgan Cruise continues to seek out the biggest and the best to face him in the ring.

ZZZ 9 Extended Trailer

Look no further for a beautiful pair of muscle men than internet celebrity Steel Muscle God and brown bull Mateus Shogun

Daddy's Home 6 Extended Trailer

Smoldering sexy hunk dad Matt Thrasher is becoming accustomed to constant disrespect from young punks. 

Kevin James VIP Exclusive Flex

Check out Pro Bodybuilder Kevin James- MDW Exclusive wrestler- Flex his perfect muscles that he is ready to take to the ring.

Costume Bout VIP Exclusive

Check out this hot VIP exclusive  full length costume bout matchup between Braden and Masked Chase Lachance.

Bodybuilder Humiliation 7 Extended Trailer

The Mountain does not care for pretty boy bodybuilders and he unleashes his disdain on Darius. 

Unreleased Gladiator 1 Full 20 Minute Match

Today we decided to release three full length twenty minute matches from our original-story based Gladiators series.

Daddy's Home 5 Extended Trailer

Daddy Matt Thrasher has just found that his son Charlie has emptied his bottle of booze.Needless to say Daddy is not happy.

ZZZ 8 Extended Trailer

One should never turn your back to a man in the MDW ring- least of all if that man is Muscle Master Kevin when he is out to prove a point.

Bear Hug Competition 30 minute Match

Morgan cruise and Damien Rush are in the mood for some domination, and unluckily for Bryce he's in town at the wrong time.

Super Men 5 Extended Trailer

bat Stud is laid low by a diabolical villain, his muscles strained and punished with wicked intent.

Unreleased Gladiator 2 Full 20 Minute Match

Today we decided to release three full length twenty minute matches from our original-story based Gladiators series.

Unreleased Gladiator 3 Full 20 Minute Match

Today we decided to release three full length twenty minute matches from our original-story based Gladiators series.

Daddy's Home 4 Extended Trailer

Sexy Singleted Cal Bennett awaits his new wrestling trainer at the MDW facility and is surprised with how old he is. 

ZZZ 7 Extended Trailer

Muscle Master Kevin unleashes his fury on little red headed twin Charlie Evans in an match not for the faint of heart.

Bodybuilder Humiliation 7 Extended Trailer

Cal Bennet is a well put together, handsome, lean, fit stud. This is exactly the kind of man that the Mountain loathes

Super Men 4.4 Extended Trailer

Super Stud is looking buff and sexy, but a mysterious gentleman with a few riddles has his target set on the mighty hero!

Six Pack Bash Feature

Stud arrogant is used to getting his way when he's out of the ring and here he learns that's not the case always.

Over the F'n Line 3 Extended Trailer

Brad Barnes is an anvil jawed muscle hunk used to getting his way, but he's about to get sunk treading in Muscle Master Kevin's waters.

Gorilla Press 1 Extended Trailer

The gorilla press is the ultimate show of strength and dominance and with it Mastodon flaunts his Alpha Superiority.

Brad Barnes Exclusive VIP Flex and Strip

Hunky Brad Barnes puts on a flexing show in this VIP member exclusive. He chooses just the outift before showing off his rippling bod.

Hazed and Humiliated 9 Extended Trailer

Mutant has no problem slamming, choking, and punishing the cocky young Stud Arrogant. 

Bodybuilder Humiliation 5 Extended Trailer

Sexy Daddy stud Matt Thrasher just had to tease his fans, sporting a total he-man leopard print pair of trunks for his big matchup.

Back Buster 5 Extended Trailer

Adorable jobber twink Tony Law rushes the ring and demands to know why his opponent Braden Charron is “so tiny.” Big mistake.

Fantasy Heels 8 Extended Trailer

Might Mutant is challenged by privileged daddy’s boy Damien Rush to a series of strength contests.

Meaty Muscle Massacre 7 Extended Trailer

The Mountain is eager to bring the massive Specimen down a few pegs and unleashes his massive fury in the ring,

Oil Hunks 5 Extended Trailer

Total Muscle God Studs Brad Barnes and Cal Bennett square off in nothing but towels! 

Six Pack Bash 9 Extended Trailer

Braden slams his fist into Boston accented hunk Carter Alexander’s sweet six pack. 

Stripped 1 Extended Trailer

Stripped is a new category on MDW featuring muscle hunks meeting up: the winner is the stud that rips all of his opponent’s gear off. 

Back Busters 4 Extended Trailer

Morgan Cruise is back and he is taking it to the tight ass rookie Joey Carter.

Fantasy Heels 6 Extended Trailer

The Bodybuilder hunter The Mountain has left a trail of broken bodybuilders behind him. One such Bodybuilder hunk gets a rematch.

Big Bear Hugs 4 Extended Trailer

Lean and mean Bryce Barrigan is bringing his street fighting grit back to the ring.

ZZZ 6 Extended Trailer

Muscle Master Kevin decides it's time to knock Matt Thrasher down a few pegs.

Super Men 4.2 Extended Trailer

After being infected and converted by Parasyte, Symbiote has begun a rampage through the streets. 

Daddy's Home 3 Extended Trailer

Rookie sensation Cal Bennett finds his way into the ring with the Mastodon Morgan Cruise.

Hazed and Humiliated 8 Extended Trailer

Sexy stud Damien Rush admires his new bulked physique. He never fails to mention the endless “funds from daddy”.

Super Men 4.2 Extended Trailer

Super Stud arrives on a gruesome crime scene. Bodies have been sucked, drained of their life force. The culprit is still waiting.

Fantasy Heels 7 Extended Trailer

Pathetic little runt Hunter James is doing sorry squats in the MDW ring, trying to beef up for longer abuse sessions with all the alphas.

Power Move Punishment 4 Extended Trailer

Two muscle bound strong men, Braden Charron and Darius are set to go head to head for the first time ever.

Big Bear Hugs 5 Extended Trailer

Joni Hotty is a muscle stud aching to get his claws into some real man meat. His first official wrestling match is against SMG.

Six Pack Bash 8 Extended Trailer

Damien Rush has taken up a job as a fitness instructor. Overseeing Brad Barnes ab workout he cannot help but get involved.

ZZZ 5 Extended Trailer

When the confident, super sized Specimen enters the ring to flaunt his muscle, MMK has other plans that involve a nap for Specimen.

Beefy Tatum Vs. Thrasher Full match

A battle of strength erupts between the confident daddy, Matt Thrasher, and cocky giant Tatum Riggs in this full match.

Daddy's Home 2 Extended Trailer

Matt Thrasher Bends over and punishes Chase Lachance- Hazing the hot stud good and proper.

Fantasy Heels 5 Extended Trailer

Contest ready Braden Charron and tatted rookie hunk Cal Bennett are sharing the weight room - you know how that goes.

ZZZ 4 Extended Trailer

The greatest fear of every bodybuilder is that they will be broken down and made to be as frail and weak as they once were. 

Six Pack Bash 7 Extended Trailer

Stefan Ramos is the owner of chiseled abs, making his MDW debut during a private wrestling match with Steel Muscle God

Over the F'n Line 2 Extended Trailer

MMK has never been god at sharing- so when he catches Chase on his private beach, things get ugly.

Gladiators 2 Extended Trailer

A newly purchased Gladiator slave is done being property, and rebels against his pampered owner.

Steel Muscle God VIP Flex

Say "Hello" to the newest addition to the MDW. Internationally known strongman Steel Muscle God is bringing his heat to the ring.

Back Busters 3 Extended Trailer

The Goliath of Muscle Domination Wrestling, Sandeus, has sniffed a new prey and cannot hold himself back. 

Meaty Muscle Massacre 6 Extended Trailer

Here's an extended preview of Meaty Muscle Massacre 6 exclusive for VIP members.

Bodybuilder Humiliation 4 Extended Trailer

Here's an extended look at Bodybuilder Humiliation 4 just for VIP members.

Oil Hunks 4 Extended Trailer

Watch these two nude muscle gods pose down, wrestle, and compare their superior strengths.

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