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Muscle Domination Wrestling VIP

Craving more MDW? As a member of MDW VIP you receive unprecedented access to an ever expanding collection of exclusive content including:

- Extended audio trailers of premium matches!

- Exclusive full length unreleased matches featuring your favorite wrestlers!

- Deleted and extended scenes from our premium matches.

- Much more to come!

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$19.95 Per Month Recurring
$29.95 One Month Only

Six Pack Bash 6 Extended Trailer

Cast everything you know about Damien Rush aside. The former pampered, naïve, daddy’s boy has undergone some major maturation.

Cal Bennet Exclusive VIP Flex

Muscle Hunk Cal Bennett is new to the MDW ring and theres no better way to introduce a stud than a VIP exclusive flex.

Braden Charron Vip Exclusive Contest Flex

Braden Charron is the ultimate shredded muscle machine as he sculpts his body, getting his physque in contest share.

Tony Law POV VIP

Tony Law is back in the Muscle Domination Wrestling ring and he's got his eye on you. Experience Law's power and prowess here.

Costume Bouts 5 Extended Trailer

Using supernatural powers honed over the centuries, the Vampire God unleashes his wrath on the unsuspecting Graves,

Meaty Muscle Massacre 5 Extended Trailer

t's a showdown in the MDW ring as Braden Charron confronts Specimen, a two-hundred seventy pound muscle freak.

Super Men 4.1 Extended Trailer

The nefarious Suit is quick to capture another marvelously muscled super hero’s girlfriend.

Gladiators 1 Extended Trailer

The slave has given in; he begins to vigorously jerk his big, gladiator dick. 

Bodybuilder Humiliation 5 Extended Trailer 

Four-hundred pounds is back and he is one angry Mountain. How many bodybuilders does Mountain need to humiliate?.

Mutant VIP Nude Flex

Mutant arrogantly shows off his nude muscle god physique, talking about how ready he is for his upcoming match.

Bearhugs 3 Extended Trailer

Two rookies are set to debut, the shredded, if undersized, Tommy Johnson, and the imposing big man, Tatum Riggs.

Super Men 3.3 Extended Trailer

Wonder Man handcuffs and beats down his comrade, spandex clad Super stud, at the command of the nefarious super villain.

Specimen VIP Nude Flex

The specimen is here and ready to prove just how he earned that name. And what better than displaying ALL he has to offer.

Hazed and Humiliated 7 Extended Trailer

The largest wrestler on the MDW roster, The Mountain, is causing a tidal wave of fear to wash over the entire locker room.

Super Men 3.4 Extended Trailer

Get ready for Vain at his most merciless- as he punishes the beefy Wonder Man and strips him out of his costume.

Oil Hunks 3 Extended Trailer

Here's an exclusive preview just for VIP members of Oil Hunks 3 featuring the Mutant and Chance LaChance

Mutant Flexing VIP

Mutant saw that Chase has called him out, and he isn't worried. And why should he be at 6 feet tall, 240 pounds of veiny muscle?

Chase Lachance Nude VIP Flex

Chase is hot, ripped, and eager to bear all in this exclusive flex for our members.

Mutant HD Teaser

Check out these HD pictures of the newest wrestler on our roster, to see just how he earns the name Mutant, and then some!

Super Men 3.2 Extended Trailer

A spandex clad super stud challenges the super villain, Vain, but even when he's cuffed upped and choked, can he be put down?

Mat Combat 1 Extended Trailer

Down and dirty. That's the way newcomer Stud Arrogant handles himself in the MDW ring.

Hairy He Men 3 Extended Trailer

A furry Chase Lachance educates the smooth Tony that hairy is always better.

Bodybuilder Humiliation 2

The Mountain and Brad Barnes are at it again in Bodybuilder Humiliatiion 2. Here's an exclusive VIP preview of the match.

ZZZ VIP Full Length Exclusive Match

Bryce Barrigan has a wildness in his eyes and a thirst for hurt in his heart as he puts big man Chance LaChance in his place.

Super Men 3.1 Extended Trailer

MDW's epic battle of Good vs Evil continues in the soon to be released season 10. Here's an exclusive VIP preview of the match

ZZZ 3 Extended Trailer

Muscle Master Kevin and Damien Rush square off outside the MDW ring when a run in at the spa threatens Rush's life.

Lumberjack Kevin Photo Albumn

Get a sneak peek at the new bulked up physique on Muscle Master Kevin. Complete with a new growth of beard and size.

Super Men Season 2 Extended Trailer

Have you seen the latest action packed season of SuperMen? Get a taste of all the ball grabs, and super powers in this trailer of the season.

Oil Hunks 2 Extended Trailer

Here's an exclusive VIP Preview of Season 9's steamiest epsode, Oil Hunks 2.

Back Buster Extended Trailer

Watch Brad punish bitch Tony in this extended trailer.

Bodybuilder Humiliation Extended Trailer

Here's an exclusive preview of the new Season 9 match Bodybuilder Humiliation. 

Six Pack Bash 3 Extended Trailer

See this Extended Trailer for Six Pack Bash 5, exclusive for members.

Supremacist's Rampage

Watch the full fury of Supremacist in this 20 minute match available only to VIP members.

Aqua Bryce Full 20 Minute Debut

​Watch an earlier, previously unreleased episode featuring Aqua Bryce from the Super Men 2 series. 20 mins long.

ZZZ 2 Extended Trailer

ZZZ. That''s the sound of a beefy stud out cold. MMK plays The Sandman for Braden Charron, putting him to bed

Oil Hunks 1 Extended Trailer

Here's an exclusive VIP extended trailer of Oil Hunks. Brad Barnes is pure hunk, oiled,  handsome and muscular.

Showing the Ropes Part 2

A behind the scenes clip or Morgan Cruise initiating Nick Cassidy on their first day at MDW. 

Season 6 Trailer

Here a video preview of all the action in Season Six episodes.

Super Men 1 Screenshots

Get a preview of all the action in Super Men ! with this set of screenshots.

Emperor Kevin 2

A wronged and righteous Sean Cody embarks on an impossible mission to dethrone Emperor Kevin from his thousand year reign.

Super Men 2.3 Extended Trailer

Here's an extended sneak peek at Supermen 2-3. 

Costume Bouts Extended Trailer

Brad Mascaras looks Jacked in his black and gold mask. He claims to wield a fearsome power from his nourishing mask.

Hazed and Humiliated 6 Extended Trailer

Carter Alexander is a tough Drill Instructor. As aspiring military man Tony, his horoughly hazed.

Ball Bash 4 Extended Trailer

Here's an extended VIP trailer of Morgan Cruise and Darius in BDSM Ball Bash 4.

Super Men 2.1 Extended Trailer

Here's your VIP Exclusive Preview of Super Men 2.1. Get a behind the scenes look at the debut of Aqua Bryce Vs. Punish Man

Showing the Ropes part 1

A behind the scenes clip or Morgan Cruise initiating Roriguez on their first day at MDW.

Season 7 Extended Trailers

We've cut together premium scenes from each of our brand new episodes just for VIP members. Download then all in one zip file.

Introducing Braden Charron

Check out MDW's new mass monster Braden Charron in this teaser before his season 7 debut.

Season 6 Screenshots

Here's an exclusive peek at all nine episodes in Season 6. Download this set of 84 screenshots for a preview of all the action.

Super Men Season 1 Extended Trailer

The saga continues. Super Stud Damien attempts to foil Super Heel’s plans, but is always one step behind. 

Vampire vs. Werewolf

The sun is rising and Vampire Damien is hunting. What looks like unsuspecting prey is actually a werewolf.

Mask Hunter 

The hairy  stud, Mask Hunter Morgan looks to do what he does best- brutalize, weaken, and ultimately unmask his would be opposition

Season 5 Extended Trailers

Catch a preview of all the Season 5 action in this extended trailer.

Brutus Brutal Destruction

Newcomer Brutus Krug unleashes his fury on Tony Law in his MDW debut. 

Season 3 Extended Trailers

Here's an action packed preview of Season Three in all it;s glory. Checkout these extended trailers just for VIP members.

New Talent Terminated

Morgan Cruise shows this never before seen hunk a lesson in humility. Watch Tarcisio's hot Latin muscles strain as he screams in agony

Emperor Kevin 1

When a lowly assassin makes an attempt upon emperor Kevin's life, his chief enforcer Morgan cruise drags him to the arena

Ball Bash 2 Screenshots 

Dozens of photo stills from Season 2 Episode 6, Super Hero Interrupted, featuring newcomer Henry Sandow, Tony Law and Damien Rush.

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