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Season 40 Episode 2: Super Men 10 



The problem with being super nowadays is the accompanying allure of being so damn juicy in shiny spandex body suits, that for villains far and wide it acts like a beacon sounding an arousal alarm that signals the summons of an inner depravity, that demands that super hero be handled every which way and beyond. Parasyte epitomizes the depraved recluse who, through harboring enough ill will towards society, somehow manages to channel their frustrations into an effective means of hunting those juicy hero hunks and grabbing a piece of action and ass. 


The definitive feature separating villains like Parasyte with any other extremely horny member of the population is the lack of inhibition in their willingness to satisfy those base desires which all people have yet most never act upon. It could even be said that Parasyte’s powers are an outgrowth of his specific proactivity in claiming the forbidden fruit. Where others might go as far as partaking of that fruit, it is Parasyte’s nature to drain it completely. As such, what is off limits, is on the menu. 


Today’s main course is a massively muscled hero, sporting the red, white and blue of his nation’s flag as a symbol of hope for his people. The patriotic feels have our hero a notch or two past his usual levels of believing himself invincible, that is, until Parasyte lays his perverse hands on the super hunk, which has the immediate strength sapping effect that has laid waste to countless super men. 


A standing bearhug drains more energy than a mere touch and the way Parasyte grinds his genitals against his hero victim’s spandex covered cock amplifies the draining effect. The hero’s boundless musculature stresses the fabric of his suit as his massive body begins to go limp in the clutches of the leeching menace. With the successful subdual of the greater portion of the hero’s strength Parasyte feeds himself leisurely by filling his palms with grips full of ass as the hero struggles vainly to escape. That Parasyte is actively gaining the strength of his victim makes the situation all the more hopeless for the helpless hero, as his assailant, now charged with super energy, displays a sudden strength, hoisting hero by the ass cheeks into an even stronger bearhug submission.


Once the assault hits the ground, things get nastier for the super hero, feeling the mouth of Parasyte atop his spandex clad cock, draining his power even further. The vile villain slithers his way up the hero’s body, clearly in love with his ability to drain his personal muscle hunk while grinding into him uncontested. Such a powerful man rendered so impotent by the inferior shadow lurker is somehow wrong in all the right ways. 


As Parasyte covers the hero’s mouth while humping away atop him he explains his intent unambiguously, “you know I’m going to milk those balls?” Further elaborating that the balls are the prime place to drain, Parasyte then stretches the hero’s capacity for punishment by grinding his knee into the heroic nut sack.

The villain takes up a firmer grip on the hero’s nether regions, ball-grab draining him even further. Extreme excitement induces Parasyte to grab his own spandex covered cock, then start working it while still draining the hero by his balls. The villain’s ecstasy is unmistakable as he begins to strip the hero with a slow, savoring pace. 


A modified cobra clutch that would never work on such a big man normally, takes the hero to a place of pain he never imagined. Parasyte, gains strength steadily, relentless in his drainage of the outmatched and soon to be unmasked hero. Every submission sucks further life from the good guy and leaves him more vulnerable to the perversions of his attacker. Near to completely drained, the hero cannot fend off an ever tightening head scissor that brings his lips to the crotch of Parasyte, where the villain’s throbbing cock steals away even more life energy. Though the hero is stalwart in his resolve to never give in, it is clear that soon he’ll have no choice but to submit.

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