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Season 35 Episode 2: Meaty Muscle Massacre 9



Zack is a full blown muscle god, coated in fur and is used to being the most commanding man in a room. The furry God is usually surrounded by worship wherever he goes, whomever he meets; Zack has never met Flash LaCash, who is, incidentally, not one to sit around and watch a flexing routine. Flash lays into the hairy slabs of muscle immediately, making Zacks face twist in pain, a look not often donned by the luscious powerhouse Altovito. 


Zack instinctually calls upon his mighty muscles which are traditionally unfailing in their duty to power out of any situation, but it is to no avail. LaCash is too quick and picks apart each muscle with technical movements- Even using the ropes to punish Altovito’s rock-hard muscles. 


Three steps ahead of Zack, LaCash only slows his pace when grinding a submission against the slabs of granite he’s been presented, making things extra painful for the hulking hairy he-man beneath him. Zack wonders why anyone should be attacking him when he was just trying to hit a few poses, but LaCash only knows wrestling and competition, mercilessly applying the most painful facets of his craft to an agonized bodybuilder boy. 


In a matter of minutes, Zack’s fortitude is tested by small joint manipulation and deeply dug muscle contorting submissions. A knee-drop blasts Zack’s belly, while stunned, the knee again finds a mark on the wrist and forearm of the big man, before grinding his freshly flexed bicep while a full-grip abdominal claw wreaks havoc on his midsection. Flash compels the hairy hunk to try some sit-ups as Zack’s legs are wrapped in Flash’s firm hold. Finally, Zack performs his best sit-up, just to be sucked into a leg-pinned frontal guillotine. Lacash nearly puts Altovito to bed but decides it is too early to finish off such prime beef and delivers a well place stomp to the bodybuilder’s hairy abs, scoops up his legs and starts to turn the big man over. The titan Zack is on full display as he tries to fend off the boston crab submission, for a moment he delays Flash, or perhaps Flash is enjoying the view, either way, after a moment LaCash locks in the crab and takes a seat. 


With Quads too massive for his own good, Altovito feels the stretch at full capacity and is able to break the crab and save his lower back. Flash is already modifying his former crab hold to a bow and arrow variation which sends Zack’s oak like arm into a frenzy of taps. LaCash declares that it is still too early for his bodybuilder prey to give as he has a wealth of massive meat to be feasted upon and there are many ways yet that Flash intends to enjoy this a massacre.

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