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Season 32 Episode 1: Mat Combat 2



Joey Justice, the former pro fighter with jet black hair and dynamite musculature, is looking forward to a comeback tour to relive the glory of his best days, fighting and dominating anyone he encountered. He’s already taken center-stage in the MDW ring, posing his pumped hairy muscles to the extreme delight of freak fanatics. Unfortunately, not everyone feels delight in the face of alpha magnetism; Guido Genatto is one such dissenter of Joey, whose only delight is ever with himself, beating people up. Genatto’s massive wrestler ego is prodded and shocked with each new flex Justice hits. Arms crossed, temperature rising, top heel Genatto fires the first shot at Justice. 


“Hate to break it to ya, but posing don’t really get it done in this world,” Guido growls, barely able to stifle the obvious hatred for the ruggedly handsome bodybuilder. Joey takes the life advice with an unbothered air of self-possession. “This is perfect,” he says, dropping a front double bicep flex and shooting a smug smile at an indignant Guido. “Captain fuckin America,” Genatto gibes, as Joey continues to flaunt his physique. Well contented with himself, Justice turns his back to the fuming Guido, who true to his heel resume is quick to apply a choke, dragging Joey to the mat.


Once grounded, Joey fends off Gennato’s arms from cutting his oxygen supply off, but Guido looks to establish mount or side-control on the former fight pro. Justice, instinctively slides Genatto into his half, then full guard, as familiar feelings flood his masculine body with his muscles moving on their own to defend Genatto’s onslaught. “Gonna sneak up on me huh,” Joey mocks from his guard as Genatto tries in vain to pass. Justice’s comfort with the ground game is on full display, easily controlling Genatto’s hips with his legs, proving a more difficult task to conquer than Guido had been expecting. Clearly Justice is more than just good looks, his skill in every way matching his masculinity. 


“Didn’t know I knew jiu-jitsu? Let’s go baby!” Joey howls his war cry amidst Gennato’s repeated attempts to find a way to penetrate. Genatto reaches into his bag of tricks to try and employ a surprise of his own against the formidable Justice. Somersaulting and snatching an ankle, Guido locks up a heel hook, but the success is short lived as Justice slides out without issue, finding himself atop Genatto in side-control. Thus, the first dominant position in this submission grappling battle is awarded to Joey, whose thick back muscle is now obscuring the big man beneath him. 


Justice threatens an arm triangle submission, but baiting a defense from Gudio, uses it to take full mount. A winded Guido tries to thrust the 240 pounder off, but Joey bears down hard, tightening himself against Guido’s hips. Sensing the danger he’s in, Genatto digs deep and shucks the grappling adept off, but rolls right into an armbar submission! It seems that Justice has the hairy heel right where he wants him, but this match is only getting started and Genatto knows he’ll have to work things into his territory of pro wrestling if he wants to take the reins.

Watch as Guido endures the initial ignominy of Justice’s grappling expertise, then rising to the occasion and turning the tables on Joey, paying the fighter back and then some with a bevy of cruel submissions before the final bell tolls.

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