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Season 10 Episode 5: Mat Combat 1




Stud Arrogant ushers in a new realm of MDW wrestling, where things get down and dirty, scrappy and grindy; sweat and submissions are taken to new extremes with the arrival of the Olympic style wrestler. Stud's Arrogant's first match is against another newcomer, Alex Graves. Both men are built long and lean, ready to scrap. Graves is used to rolling around with guys for friendly competition, while Arrogant is an ego driven, extremely proficient and technical wrestler. Alex's standout quality is his determination to stave off submissions and keep things moving on the mats until he is able to work up enough of a sweat to make things slippery, where he can then even the playing field.


Arrogant proves to not only be a great wrestler, but also a dirty player, whose namesake preceeds his massive ego. He gets a quick a rollup and spladle and practically screams "How do you like that bitch boy, you're pinned!"If there is anyone within a hundred yards of the ring, they hear the taunt as clearly as if they themselves were the ones wrapped up in the limbs of Stud Arrogant. Hoppping around the ring in clear self satisfaction, Arrogant taunts Alex, reels him in, and shoots a sharp double leg takedown. The action falls to the mat, where Graves manages to secure the beginnings of a guillotine choke, only to have Stud Arrogant hump him hard into the mat and break the hold.


Loosening up, Arrogant gives up his legs while going for a choke of his own on Alex. Seizing his opportunity, Alex takes the cocky wrestler down and shakes Arrogant off his neck with Stud's own move, the hump down. Thrusting his hips hard on top of Arrogant, Alex proves he has some fight in him and cannot be taken lightly. "What's up now!" he breathes in the face of Arrogant, allowing the slim stud up to his feet. After a few fast falls the intense grappling session is about to kick into full gear.


Arrogant can barely contain the flames of his fuming ego on the inside, but on the exterior he shows a sauve facade, extending his hand to an opponent that he sees as inferior. "Good job man, is the last thing Arrogant says, before clasping Alex's hand and hip-tossing him to the mat, where he intends to keep the scrawny scrapper for the remainder of a mat combat, submission style beat down.

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