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Season 31 Episode 3: Hazed and Humiliated 14



Flash Lacash is a top tier wrestler. His only problem is that Guido is too- And is a total ass bent on humiliating his opponents. Not a moment after the two of them are in the ring does Guido lay into his opponent.

Guido is heavier, and more than happy to make use of that fact, punishing Lacash against the ropes with his weight. But he is also quick and relentless, working over Lacash from every angle. He makes use of head holds, body punches, and doesn't shy away from full force kicks.

Flash flashes his teeth in pain with each increasingly severe move. No matter his ploy, he cant get out of the humiliation fest, as his chiseled body is given a full course beating. 

As if to drive home the point that there is no escape, Gudio pays special attention to the studs legs, making sure they wont be taking him anywhere anytime soon.

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