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Season 26 Episode 1: Cash Drain 3



Drake Raven is the newest wrestler on the block. Youthful, eager, tatted, and lean, he thinks he has what it takes and could use the cash from squaring up in the ring. Unfortunately for him, he is unfamiliar with the Boss, Master Kevin, and has made the mistake of thinking HE is getting paid and not the Boss. Kevin demands he hand over the cash plain and simple and that he can leave it he complies. Drake, bewildered, refuses and is promptly punched into submission. The blows are merciless, and once he is softened up Kevin goes through a series of punishing holds, only releasing them when Drake not only hands over the cash but thanks him for the opportunity to hand it over. As Kevin removes his shirt, the session gets more intense as Drake is made to call him Master, and declare absolute subservience to him for this day and all days to come. By the end, bill after bill has been handed over, and Kevin put him out to wake up in a world in which he has no freedom.

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