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Season 2

Episode 1: BDSM Ball Bash 1 

Damien inappropriately tries to grab Morgan's package, and suffers the very dire consequences.

Episode 4: Hazed and Humiliated 1

In a classic case of "pay it forward", Mateus Shogun gives Tony Law a lesson in humility similiar to the one he learned in the ring from Mastadon a few days ago.

Episode 7: Hairy He Men 1

Find out whether the mightly Mastadon can be defeated.

Episode 2: Cash Drain 2

When cocky upstart Vincent shows attitude to Master Kevin- The Boss, he opens himself to an all encompassing lesson in humiliation

Episode 5: Ball Bash 2

Super heel Henry Sandow makes his MDW debut- Grabbing, spanking, and twisting Damien's balls without mercy.

Episode 8: Meaty Muscle Massacre 2

Morgan "Mastodon" Cruise gives Tony Law a humiliating beatdown in the MDW ring.

Episode 3: Meaty Muscle Massacre 1

Newcomer Mateus Shogun gets shooled in the ways of Muscle Domination Wrestling in a special lesson in the ring with Morgan Cruise

Episode 6: Painting The Jobber Red 1

When the Boss finds Tony Law in his ring without permission a punishment is to be expected. But what Tony gets after making a mess on Master Kevin's shirt is a massacre

Episode 9: Hazed and Humiliated 2

See how it all began. Witness the beginning of the Boss's life of domination.

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