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Season 10 Episode 2: Hairy He Men 3




Jobber Chace LaChance is a smooth well tempered bodybuilder, who frequently gets punished by nastier hairy heels. Well now Chace realizes the magic of the natural, unshaven body and notices how much better he looks with his muscles covered in rugged fur. Feeling the strength and confidence of a new man, a much manlier man, LaChance replies to a call out from hung twink extraordinaire, Tony Law. With immediacy, Chace pans to his chest and then Law's "Look at this hair. That is what takes to be a man! You got a little pussy fuzz going on." Tony, initiates a contest of strength in an attempt to heal his wounded pride, but the contest is cut short by a cheap shot from Chace. Again, Tony tries for a fair lock-up and Chace, embracing his darker side, cheap shots Law for a second time before breaking Tony's back into an arm and leg surfboard submission.


Riding his newly aggressive tactics to gain a solid upper hand, Chace quickens his pace with ruthless stomps to Tony's abs, back and legs; LaChance slaps on a leg-scissors hold that has tony feeling a wave of regret in a his choice of a hairy chested opponent. "This is what a real man looks like" Chace asserts again as he cranks a full nelson and swings Law around and throws him to the ground. The heel looking Lachance admires himself, flexing his muscles, showing off the hair, while tony struggles to find his footing. When Law gets to his feet, Chace, in true heel fashion applies an armlock with a little help from the ropes, before heading back to his first stage of attack, the back assault. He applies two more painful crab variations, reaping the benefits by posing over a flattened Tony, while pinning him down underneath his foot.


A few sleeper holds serve to soften Tony up even further, so Chace can sink in an energy sapping bearhug, Chace smugly states "What're you gonna do, you're too weak. Don't fight it" as he wraps the blond twink up in the ropes for more punishment. Chace uses tony to show off many facets of a menacing heel, by assuming a methodical pace and implementing a mean focus on applying the most effective squeezing and stretching holds to punish Law over and over again. Chace LaChance is a new, sexier man, a methodical machine of destruction and a cocky force to be reckoned with. His dissection of Tony puts the whole MDW roster on notice, showing that he can be every bit as lethal as he is muscle hunk.

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