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Season 9 Episode 6: Leg Abuse




Meet mouth watering hunk Sandeus, perfectly muscled and as mascuiline as a man can get, tall, handsome, powerful and mean. He is ready to kick the shit out of the his first MDW opponent and make a statement that Sandeus is here to be top dog. His opposition comes in the form of the blond twink, Ryan Adams, dressed in baby face blue. Adams is also eager to prove himself but is caught off guard by the instantaneous power and aggression of bearded he-man Sandeus, who throws him to the ground and begins to stomp Ryan's legs mercilessly. Within minutes, Adams becomes very vocal, screaming in pain; Sandeus is silent, focused, and ruthless.

As things get to the mat, at the behest of forceful plummeting Sandeus slams, the laser like focus of the masculine dominator manifests and takes center stage. Sandeus is a thirsty warrior that loves to inflict pain, but he is much more than that, zoning in on Ryan's legs without cessation. When Sandeus applies a leg lock, the rugged man is not satisfied until he uses the power of both his arms and legs to twist the joints of a moaning Adams to the most painful positions. Sandeus has no problem using one arm to detain Ryan's legs while using the other to throw strikes. With every bend and subsequent scream from Ryan, Sandeus awakens more of his animalistic side; he is extremely pleased to have shed his work suit and abandon the laws of the outside world, realizing MDW is his new hardcore home. The appetite for Sad  more vicious quality of his animalistic nature, as he sends viciously hard kicks crashing into Ryan's legs.

There is a palpable fear that thickens in the air; just looking at Ryan's face, you know he is totally intimidated by Sandeus, especially as focus flexing begins on the part of the latter. Not only is the barbaric heel, focused and efficient in the ring, he also manages to maintain an unbelievable focus on himself and his muscles as he flexes them over his fallen prey. Entranced with himself, Sandeus displays the signs of a true narcissist forgetting his opponent was even there in lapses of self worship, that is, until the persistent moaning of pain inflicted rousts Sandeus to his senses, and has him picking up where he left off, bringing the hurt to Ryan's legs.

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