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Season 6 Episode 3: Street Fights 6


Sadistic pretty boy Nick Cassidy and beefy muscle bull Rodriguez Cortez are two hot headed studs who think they are MDW’s next big thing. So when the two fit studs find one another staring each other down across the ring, the smack talk begins immediately. It doesn’t take long for the twos oversized egos to bring them to muscle driven blows.


The clean cut Cassidy maintains composure as his lean bod fights to control the muscles of hunk Rodriguez. His abs tighten as he applies vicious leg holds, weakening his opponents stability as the bout wears on.


Not to be outdone, Rodriguez grits his teeth against the pain and explodes with muscled might and begins manhandling Cassidy. A stunned and sweaty Cassidy is given an increasingly thorough lesson on retribution as the beefcakes strength returns in full, opening the door to a slew of power moves and slams.

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