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Season 16 Episode 4: Stripped 1




Stripped is a new category on MDW featuring two muscle hunks meeting up and agreeing to special terms when they wrestle; the winner is the stud that rips all of his opponent’s gear off. The loser is subject to all the winner’s whims, whatever they may be. Who better to debut this special match stipulation then the brash and very vocal Steel Muscle God. The internet flexing sensation has his own private mat dungeon and brings all of his cocky attitude and powerful wrestling prowess to Muscle Domination Wrestling.


Dan (Steel Muscle God) invites one of his strongest, cockiest gym partners to show up to hit mats in a singlet and take him on if he dare. At first the two muscle men seem evenly matched; Nick is even showing perhaps a little more power, hoisting SMG in his arms and waving him around in a frontal bearhug. Dan retaliates with a bearhug of his own, but his offense is cut short when a low blow from Nick puts him on the mat in a vulnerable position.


Nick wastes no time peeling off Dan’s singlet to reveal blue spandex tights around the package of the muscle god. Dan catches his breath and again gains the upper hand on his black singleted opponent. The Romanian muscle god wraps nick in his patented leg scissors hold, putting immense pressure on the stud’s cranium. Nick again attempts a low blow, but SMG revs up the intensity, locking on a tight bearhug. Dan works Nick until Nick is softened up enough to have his singlet peeled off.


After a fierce offensive onslaught from SMG, Nick is stripped again down to skimpy posers. It is clear that Nick is packing. Nick’s small gear can hardly contain his swelling cock and balls. The fight is not over yet and Nick manages to find a way to even the contest up once more. With both men down to their smallest gear, the stakes get higher and the winner can claim whatever he wants from the loser.

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