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Season 15 Episode 1: Big Bearhugs 5




Joni Hotty is one pent up muscle stud aching to get his claws into some real man meat. His first official wrestling match is against the tyrant of the mat Steel Muscle God. SMG is ready to put the rookie to the test, by means of more than flex off, strength challenge and hard muscle comparisons. The Romanian muscle hunk is fixing to squeeze the life out of Joni with a series of devastating bear hugs.


Joni is wearing a little tight red speedo and SMG is dressed in not much more, squeezing his bulge with each thrust of his powerful bear hug he locks on to Joni Hotty. The rookie puts up a decent fight attempting to take the back of Steel Muscle God to apply a sleeper hold. But the big muscle man will not go down so easily and instead carries the weight of Joni all around the mats.


SMG has an optimal squeeze. He wraps his thickly muscled arms around his prey and never lets go. He hoists the Hotty in a plethora of tight crotch to crotch bear hugs. When the boy is beaten down by the man-god SMG starts to turn up the heat. He uses reverse bear hugs, upside down bear hugs, and plenty of classic face to face bear hugs.


Joni’s grunts of pain become louder as the match wears on; he barely has the breath left to scream out in pain. Steel Muscle God simply sucks the life out of him with his mutilating squeeze. The rookie gets not a moment of respite from bear hug start to bear hug finish.

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