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Season 13 Episode 4: Backbuster 3 




The Goliath of Muscle Domination Wrestling, Sandeus, has sniffed a new prey and cannot hold himself back. Enthralled by the lack of rules that MDW promotes, the bearded giant is thirsting to get his huge hands all over resident jobber twink Tony Law. Naïve as ever, Tony reaches out for a respectable handshake to initiate the match, but Sandeus is not here for sportsmanship. The giant is intent on destroying and feasting upon the prey that he beholds and with a mighty grasp, sucks Law into a Full Nelson, where the Goliath begins to sedate the stud’s enthusiasm.


Tony tries to break free of the big man’s hold but with a sadistic surge of ingenuity the giant locks his palms onto either side of Tony’s skull and begins to crank a nasty, innovative, Nelson Vise. With sheer power, Sandeus inhibits the movement of the twink’s arms while clawing deeper and deeper into the blond boy’s head. Sandeus takes Tony to the mat with his hold and mounts the stud asking “Is that all you got?”


Law is weakened but by no means beaten. He intends to make the big man work much harder if he wants to earn a victory. He recovers himself and rushes into a lockup, but the giant has other plans. Sandeus is not in the mood to entertain a feeling out process; he hoists Law up with one arm, flips him upside down so that Tony’s head is stuffed right in between the giant’s thighs and delivers a leaping Piledriver!


Having been caught way off guard by such an early aggressive power showing, Law tries to recover, but finds himself delirious from the big drop to his head. Sandeus flaunts his bulging biceps as he waits for Law to regain his equilibrium, but grows impatient and accompanies Tony on the ground where he applies a torturous leg scissors hold. Sandeus points out how much of a bitch Law is before his giant mass by stating “Come on, is that all you got? I can stay here all day. I’m not even trying.”


Attempting to break the muscle twink even further, Sandeus unleashes a cruel body slam and rubs his boot across the torso of his prey. “Lick my boots! Lick EM! Yeah!” Sandeus commands in a smooth, deep voice. Tony obliges the giant, an early sign of submission. Sandeus continues to apply his skull clamp to Tony’s twink head, softening him up while commanding him to get his knees in worship. Starting to pass out, Tony finds it increasingly more difficult to get his feet, but when he does; giant Chokeslams are there to greet him.

For as much as Sandeus enjoys throwing Tony around and slamming him to the mat, he particularly loves the act of squeezing the life from the meat with vicious Bear hugs and more Nelsons, interspersed with constant cranium crushing. Sandeus nearly forces Tony’s mouth to touch his own ever increasing bulge in another forceful seated Nelson.


Law can hardly make it to his feet as the giant looms over him. Tony actually uses the body of Sandeus for support as he tries to find his vertical base, but the Goliath only allows the twink to stand so he can slam him back down to the mat, breaking that back, over and over.

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