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Season 11 Episode 4: Big Bearhugs 3




Two rookies are set to debut, the shredded, if undersized, Tommy Johnson, and the rough around the edges, imposing big man, Tatum Riggs. Riggs awaits Johnson in the ring; Tommy slides in through the bottom ropes, and bam! Riggs cracks him over the back with a vicious forearm. This is not just any forearm either, this is a slab of barbaric muscle meat, fucking up, the much smaller Johnson. Tommy tries to shrug it off but is visibly hurt and at the full mercy of Riggs. As Tatum easily hoists Tommy up from underneath his armpits and into a high across the back, lung squashing bearhug, and one wonders, who could be so sadistic to arrange such a mismatch.  Tommy is a toy in Tatum's arms; his only discernible human quality displayed is the desperate squirming of an agonized victim.
If the image of Johnson in the bearhug with his legs dangling a foot above the ground was not enough to emphasize the size difference between the two competitors, Riggs bearhug from behind sure does the trick. Such raw brutish strength is imposed into the hold; one has to believe that someone had it out for Tommy Johnson, someone did not want the small underdog to make it past his debut. Riggs is a bear on the hunt, only the meat has been brought straight to him and all that remains is the feast. The sheer size discrepancy makes the beat down more of a formality than an attempt at a competitive match. Riggs is merciless though, applying every ounce of beast like strength into a plethora of bearhugs. Tatum is a giant unaware of his own strength; his thighs are larger than his opponent's entire body. When he locks in a bearhug, he shakes his poor prey with a malicious force normal men cannot discharge.

Nature does not intend for Tommy to win this fight, he is just game in the sport of hunting, and Riggs is the alpha hunter. Tatum stalks and circles Johnson, picking his spots and crushing him in bearhug after bearhug. The barbarian giant hoists, slams and squeezes his miniature opponent until nothing is left of the scrappy underdog. When Johnson can no longer stand, Riggs sets in a bear trap scissors hold, further crushing the already beaten Johnson. The young rookie has a lot of heart, holding on, enduring unimaginable pain and managing to withhold cries of submission. Riggs loves using the bearhug to suck the life and will to fight out of his prey, but favors any crushing moves, even a devastating vise grip to crush the cranium of suffering Johnson. Tommy tries to sling punches to the midsection of Riggs while in the clutches of the vise grip head grasp, but his arms cannot even reach the body of his huge opponent. Riggs continues to squeeze the life out of Johnson from a distance and ultimately uses just one gigantic hand on the head to finish the job. Johnson seems determined to survive, but an endless legion of bearhugs see fit to snap his spine in the process. His best hope is that the giant puts him to sleep before he has to say the words, I submit. He may get his wish, as the big nasty Riggs seems most intent on leaving his victim in a puddle of lifelessness, where he can later decide, how to use his new bitch.

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