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Site Re-Launch Mega Value Pack



To celebrate the launch of our new and refined site, we have compiled a package offering extreme value on a collection of six our hottest matches for one low price of 49.95. 

See a sampling of all the most popular categories that have catapulted MDW to the forefront of the wrestling scene- Including Super Men, ZZZ, Bodybuilder Humiliation, Daddy's Home, Oil Hunks, and Ball Bash.

This package includes ALL of the following matches for your enjoyment- click the links for full video descriptions and screenshots:

Season 13 Episode 3: Oil Hunks 4

Season 2 Episode 5: BDSM Ball Bash 2

Season 13 Episode 6: Bodybuilder Humiliation 4

Season 11 Episode 5: Daddy's home 1

Season 7 Episode 1: Super Men 1.4

Season 14 Episode 6: ZZZ 4

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