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Season 11

Episode 1: Six Pack Bash 4

Bryce Barrigan tears into Darius' perfect abs

Episode 4: Big Bear Hugs 3

Two rookies are set to debut, the shredded, if undersized, Tommy Johnson, and the rough around the edges, imposing big man, Tatum Riggs

Episode 2: Oil Hunks 3

Sometimes, one muscle jock can barely squeeze his ego into a room with him; add another jock bodybuilder to the equation and there is bound to be fireworks.

Episode 5: Daddy's Home 1

Swelteringly hot daddy Matt Thrasher teaches twink boy Theo Devair a lesson in submission.

Episode 3: Hazed and Humiliated 7

The largest wrestler on the Muscle Domination Wrestling roster, The Mountain, is causing a tidal wave of fear to wash over the entire locker room.

Episode 6: Super Men 3.4

Vain punishes and pulverizes Wonderman.

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